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Unusual Cleaning Job Opportunities

Unusual Cleaning Jobs

All too often when you’re on the hunt for cleaning jobs, the focus is placed on commercial or residential properties. There’s wider scope to expand into though when you factor into your search for work, or for potential clients, the transport sector.

When you think of everything associated with the transport sector, you could find yourself becoming the go to cleaner for serving the needs of operators around your area.

5 ideas to get your cleaning career jump started

1.     Bus operators

Whether it’s the largest bus operator in your area, the local shuttle bus, or the bus of the community centre or local church, they will need to be cleaned at one point or another.

Buses are consistently having people spill food and drink in them… or on school runs, it’s chewing gum stuck to the seats, making it a poor travel experience for the next person to board the bus.

With your expertise in safe chemicals to remove stubborn stains, and maintain health and safety procedures, you could be the cleaner for any bus operator in your area. Don’t always focus on the big companies, as even a small firm with a fleet of three buses, could be enough to keep you busy full-time.

2.      Bus shelter cleaning

Drive around most areas in the UK and you’re sure to find graffiti of some sort, splashed across the screens of many a bus shelter. From the glass panes, to the built-in benches.

Specialist chemicals are often required to remove such graffiti.

It’s not solely for that though. The screens still need to be kept clean for passengers to see out of the shelter to spot the bus coming, or else the driver could drive right past, leaving somebody stranded in the cold ‘til the next bus arrives. All because the council, or travel body responsible haven’t found and allocated a contract to a cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of the local bus shelters.

3.      Trains

Train operators need to maintain cleanliness too, especially the long haul operators. Some operators may even require cleaners to travel on board, depending on the length of the journey.

In this line of work, you’ll have carriages to clean, as well as the toilets, and sometimes on a limited time schedule, when the train only stops in for an allocated amount of time.

You’ll need to be in and out as fast as possible, ensuring you’ve done the best cleaning job possible.

4.     Taxi and mini cabs

Weekends in particular are the busiest times here. The times when drivers are inundated with boozed up Brits, vomiting in the cab, putting them off the road until the cab is cleaned. While drivers will typically do this themselves, after a few occasions, the stench becomes unbearable and it needs to be put through a thorough clean.

You could be the cleaner using the right chemicals to clean deep into the fabric within the vehicle, leaving it smelling fresh, free of stains, and beautified up for the next passenger(s) to have a pleasant journey. And of course, helping the driver get back to work with satisfied customers, increasing his or her tips.

Who knows, do a great job, and they might even tip you too?

5.      Car and van hire firms

Every time a vehicle is hired out, and returned to base, it’s thoroughly cleaned for the next hire. Large companies will carry their own cleaning staff, but smaller firms might not have that resource.

If your area has a few small car and van hire firms, give them a business card, and let them know they can call on you when they need their vehicles cleaned.

Expand your horizons and look for any opportunities where people need cleaning. The career is so diverse it applies to every type of business, yet the transport section is a market that’s currently under-served in most areas.

You could be the person to fill that market gap.

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Unusual Cleaning Jobs

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