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5 Traits You Must Possess to Succeed in a Career of Cleaning

5 Traits You Must Possess to Succeed in a Career of Cleaning

To really make a successful career as a professional cleaner, it really does go beyond having the ability to clean. Everyone, at one stage or another has done his or her fair share of cleaning, but not everyone has what it takes to become a true pro and make a career out of it.

For some, it can be something they do to relax, while for others it can be the most daunting of the dreaded task that sit on the to do list until last.

If that sounds like you, then while you could still make it in the field, you’ll probably not enjoy it.

To enjoy a cleaning career, you must thrive when you’re around people, and meet the following five traits that it takes to stand out among the best.

The 5 Traits in the Makings of a Professional Cleaner

1.     Competency

No matter where you work, you’re sure to find some hazards in the job. Some of those dangers will directly affect your safety, such as cleaning at heights, while others will affect the safety of others. Especially in business premises.

In a working environment, you can find yourself coming across hazardous materials, and that is when you’re really going to call on your competency skills, both for your own safety, and others around the work place.

2.     Personal Fitness

You won’t always be working as part of a cleaning crew, and you will be on your feet for your entire working day. (Asides from breaks that is). You’ll need to be physically fit to cope with some of the strenuous work involved in cleaning, which can sometimes mean putting some tools aside, and using nothing more than a scrubbing pad with sheer elbow grease.

3.     Customer Service Skills

No matter whether you work with residential or commercial clients, you will be dealing with people. In some cleaning jobs, you may even be working directly with the public, such as working within a shopping mall.

This becomes even more vital if you choose to set up your own cleaning business, as your customer service skills are going need to be top class, in order for you to land your own clients, and maintain your cleaning contracts with the utmost customer focus, addressing any problems whenever they arise.

4.     Commitment to consistency

Without an eye for detail, you’re not going to get far in this line of work. When you’re paid to clean any property, cleanliness is the name of the game. No shortcutting the work thinking a freckle of a spot on a worktop isn’t noticeable. That little spot could contain any number of contaminants. When they’re left, you haven’t done the job right.

A commitment to continue cleaning even the toughest of grime, until it’s completely banished from any type surface is a must have trait of a cleaner.

5.     Trust

When you work as a cleaner, you get an all access pass around the premises. That can see you working in office departments, factory floors, and/or in somebody’s home.

No matter where you’re going to be working, you must be trusted to do the job, and without supervision. Some organisations may even ask you to undergo a CRB check, but even without it, trust is the one character you must continue to uphold in this line of work.

Tip: It’s better to have your CRB check done before approaching the job market, or potential clients, as more often than not, it is asked.

Do you have what it takes?

If you can identify yourself as having the above traits, and interested in a cleaning career, then start from the top and build your cleaning competency. Continue to the next on the list, maintaining personal fitness. Sharpen your customer service skills, and the fourth is a personality thing that you can’t develop.

Commitment to consistency is identified when you can hold your hand up and honestly say, hand on heart “when I start something, I’m not satisfied until it’s completely finished.”

You put your heart into it.

The last factor of trust must be maintained throughout your career. Whatever mess you come across on any job, is someone else’s mess. You’re paid to both clean it and keep quiet about it. Cause offence by gossiping and word can spread fast. That’s the one surefire way to lose trust instantly, right up there beside theft.

Most people think trust is about not stealing, but the wrong words can be just as damaging to a cleaners career.

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